The Midnight2Dawn trek is more than just a hike; it's a symbolic journey that aims to bridge the gap between civilians and the military, commemorating ANZAC Day with deeper appreciation.

Why choose trekking as the medium? The hours spent hiking in the stillness of the night foster an environment conducive to introspection and open dialogue. As the terrain tests the body, the conversations shared during these hours mend the divide, allowing civilians to gain a deeper appreciation of the military experience and life after service.

The adversity faced during the trek becomes a shared burden, a reflection of the challenges our servicemen and women endure. And as dawn breaks, casting the first light upon weary trekkers, it symbolises hope, understanding, and unity, reminding everyone of the bonds that tie us together as a nation.

Fitness Considerations

Yes this trek is challenging for most individuals, but to what degree will be determined by one's preparation and experience. The trek is designed to somewhat emulate the physical samina that's required in the military to be deemed competent for operation. This is a specific fitness that isn't available at your gym. You'll need to apply yourself in your own time to prepare. We suggest the following:

  • Avoid trekking alone
  • Avoid trekking in unknown or unmarked trails.
  • Understand the environment, its risks and avoid trekking when extreme weather events are likely.
  • Always take a cellphone and download the Emergency Plus App
  • Tell someone who isn't attending where you're going and when you're supposed to return.
  • Look to participate in a few shorter practice treks to gauge your physical stamina, footwear and condition your hips, legs and feet.
  • Test your hydration and nutrition practices. Consume foods and supplements that you plan to use on the night.
  • Partake in specific strength training that assists in creating a stronger, more stable and durable (lower back, hips, quads, hamstrings, calves/achilles and feet.
  • With special attention to knee/ankle stability and tendon strength If you're unsure on how to do so, please refer to our Trek4Vet socials on IG or ask a qualified fitness trainer.

A decision that requires substantial consideration for those with little to no experience in carrying weighted packs, vests, webbing or torsion bars for distance. It's a specific fitness that requires practice. Your typical group training environment doesn't adequately prepare you for the 4-5 hours on your feet, at a brisk walking pace, through arduous terrain, in the night and with potentially poor weather conditions.

We strongly advise most individuals who are attending their first #Midnight2Dawn Trek to go clean skin. Giving you perspective of the challenges that exist within the trek itself. However, if you feel this is something well within your current capacity, then let's ensure you consider the following:

  • That you have ample training experience with weighted items; military pack, webbing, weighted vest, torsion bar etc. You don't want to be discovering all the friction points on the night.
  • That you don't overcommit and carry something that "feels" okay when you're fresh. As you will be walking through the night when your body is accustomed to being asleep for multiple hours.
  • You'll be expected to keep up with everyone who doesn't have any added weight.
  • It is your responsibility. We're not responsible or liable for any lost, damaged or stolen items that you decide to bring with you.

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